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Welcome to the Drama Booster Club. As parents of KCHS Drama students you are automatically members of our Booster Club. We would like to encourage you to become involved in your child’s activities through the Booster Club with your time, talents, and resources. There are always jobs available that need parental assistance AND the schedule of the drama department will fit anyone’s availability (day or night, weekdays or week-ends). Last year we had tremendous success with each production and a large part was due to our Booster parents’ involvement. This year we have plans for more of the same.

For the productions themselves, parents are asked to help with set building, painting, collection of props & furniture, costumes, publicity, serving meals for the long dress rehearsals, ticket sales, and concessions. There are plenty of jobs, and even the smallest time commitment shows your student you support their efforts. The kids love to see their parents involved (even though they may say otherwise). They are proud of you and, in turn, tend to excel themselves to make you proud of them.

And, of course, your financial support is needed as well. We begin the year with a membership drive and spirit items sale. The money collected goes right back into the department.

As parents we know that teenagers don’t always bring home letters, notices, or other correspondences intended to be read by the parents. Therefore, the Booster Club is making it a high priority to communicate with parents through the drama website, emails and phone calls to inform the parents about upcoming events and needs of the department. We will be working with the students and directors to keep the website current with information regarding dates, items needed and many other items as well. There is a link on the website to register your email as a main communication tool.

Once again, we welcome you and invite each of you to be involved in whatever manner you feel comfortable and we welcome new ideas! We, the Booster Club Officers, teachers, and students appreciate all the time and effort you are able to offer.


Thank you!

Email: [email protected]