Klein Collins Drama


We have a very active Drama Department. We generally do two mainstage shows, one musical, one competition one-act play, three black box productions, and two-three traveling shows. We also attend Thespian Convention and TETA (Texas Educational Theater Association) convention. Our drama club has numerous events throughout the school year such as: professional theatre attendance, Renaissance Festival attendance, Children’s workshop for ages 7-11, Drama Banquet, and much more.

Our department consists of two theatre teachers and another after school sponsor. Mr. Grueneich teaches all the Theatre Arts I (T) courses, Freshman Production 1and Varsity Tech Production. He is also the drama club and International Thespian Society sponsor. Ms. Welch teaches Varsity Theatre Production I-IV, Junior Varsity Production I, and Theatre Arts I (P).

Our philosophy is that students should be exposed to all aspects of theatre to become well rounded in theatre as well as the arts. Learning acting, technical theatre, and observing different professional theatre productions help develop a strong theatre participant and as well as teaching critical thinking skills that transcend the realm of theatre and can be applied in other school subjects and life.

We encourage you to sample our department by attending a production and see what talent and enthusiasm awaits you.